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Installing Notepad++: Installation:

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RT @anCnoc_whisky: WIN 1 of 25 limited edition prints of our Distillery created in collaboration with Whisky Anorach. To enter RT & FOLLOW…

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Anyone heard anything about Feature of the Day posts for #MDGP2018R2?

1:29pm Sep 5 2018 —

Installing Notepad++: Series Index:

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@VictoriaYudin @jenkuntzGP I have an Italian friend who calls them circles as well.

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@jenkuntzGP We’ve had them forever and lots of people still struggle to use them. That’s even before you start talk…

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@CKdistillery @MasterOfMalt @wstauk @aberdistillery @Adnams @DaMhile @PenderynWhisky @LakesDistillery

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Tonight’s challenge was successfully met; lowering the surface of the desk by two inches without taking anything of…

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@jenkuntzGP Pleased you posted it. I’ve spent time using left, right and mid functions to extract strings a number of times in the past.

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@jenkuntzGP Interesting post. I didn’t know Excel did this.

Although I realise this is just one of many, many thin…

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SQL Snippet: Get Dates for Accruals: #MSSQL #SQLServer

10:34am Sep 4 2018 —

@NeilTheDemoGuy @TNWhiskeyTrail Can you recommend some good ones?

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I was going to plan visit to #Tennessee to do @TNWhiskeyTrail next year thinking I would bounce into #Kentucky and…

5:43pm Sep 3 2018 —

My voyage through the world of emulators brought me to this today (unfortunately not an #AtariST emulator, but an…

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@TimWappat @steveendow Can’t just be a British thing; @jonathansfrakes did a #Thunderbirds movie in 2004:

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@steveendow Yeah, this is a process problem, not a software one.

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@Hobgoblin_beer Always a pleasure to walk into a pub and see @Hobgoblin_beer on draft.

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@KristenHosman @TimWappat Me too, now that my hayfever has gone away.

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