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@steveendow @VictoriaYudin yep, still there but slightly less accessible.

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@steveendow Click the Go To button on the acton pane.

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SQL View For Computer Cheques At Work Status To Check Email Enabled – #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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@DynAcctNet Best of luck with the new role, Mark. Hope this doesn’t result in the #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM losing you.

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@steveendow @TimWappat is DNS and nameservers by the webhost already

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@steveendow @TimWappat If you don’t mind, how fast is ?

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@steveendow @TimWappat I’ve changed the nameservers to the webhost for one of my other sites which doesn’t get updated to test.

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@steveendow My domain is registered in the UK and uses the registrars DNS. Wonder if that’s the issue.

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@steveendow I was hoping it was just slow for me in the UK. I’ll do some poking and prodding and see what I can. Thanks.

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Thanks @steveendow. Server is in Texas so shouldn’t take that long to connect for you.

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Whats the speed of like for people in the US?

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SQL Script To Set Budget Transaction History To Be Kept In All Companies – #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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Shame @premierinn and associated/owned restaurant @beefeatergrill don’t do joined up thinking.

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SQL View For Remittance Enabled – #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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@ArvixeSupport you need to read tickets before responding. My sites have now been down for 8 hours. MLN-750-24403

5:34am Oct 16 2015 —

@steveendow i settled for a pint of home brew ale.

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@steveendow cheers, Steve. Need something calming next.

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Well, that was exciting. The grill just caught fire with a whomp! followed by flames billowing out.

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SQL View For Vendor Email Addresses – #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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