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@steveendow @Apple apart from the wasted 50 minutes.

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@steveendow and you had appointment before any of them so went to the head of the queue. Or demanded a manager to complain?

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@steveendow I’ve never believed the @apple Genius label was in anyway whatsoever accurate.

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Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m set for New Year’s Eve. #Bacon #pizza in oven. #starwars @Hobgoblin_beer

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New Year eBook Sale at azurecurve Publishing: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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Implementing Web Client and Workflow 2.0 only $9.99 until 5th Jan 2016 using code NEWYEAR2016: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM

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Customization Maintenance: “Unable to open customizations dictionary” #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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Error Registering Table GL_Account_MSTR #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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Changing The Logical File Names Of A SQL Database #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM #SQLSERVER

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@sainsburys Nearest store is 20+ miles away so I shop online

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What type of crap supermarket (@sainsburys) doesn’t sell bourbon creams?!

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@kuntzconsulting Or vice versa. In that situation you have to present your data as a varchar as well.

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@kuntzconsulting a SQL query would error if all your data is presented as an integer, but there is data in the table which is a varchar

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@kuntzconsulting So it’s not just Integration Manager that gives useless errors?

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@kuntzconsulting Your new data might not, but what about the existing data?

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IM Error Executing Script ‘Before Integration’ Line 17: Object required: ‘gpObj’: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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Navigation List Error: “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘VENDNAME'” #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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Is it wrong that my favourite #Christmas movie is also my favourite #Halloween movie?

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