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Home now, but journey was a bit of a nightmare due to dense patches of fog once I came off A1 onto the A68. 12 hour rule definitely applies.

8:39pm Jan 21 2016 —

@azurecurve Never mind; I have it sorted now #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM

in reply to azurecurve — 11:56am Jan 21 2016 —

Think I’m having a bad day after two very busy weeks; how do I add the Item Number field from grid on SOP Entry to VBA? #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM

11:54am Jan 21 2016 —

@premierinn Current is my least favourite as had problems here before, but going well so far. Why happy hour in some and not others? 2/2

in reply to premierinn — 8:26pm Jan 14 2016 —

@premierinn In first one three nights and was good; found you’d added flapjack to breakfast 🙂 At second only slept in it; ate elsewhere.1/2

in reply to premierinn — 8:26pm Jan 14 2016 —

I’m currently in my third @premierinn this week and it’s not the last before I get home.

5:23pm Jan 14 2016 —

Ripped my suit trousers this morning. Going to have to wear black jeans tomorrow with the client I’m going into London to see.

3:38pm Jan 14 2016 —

@TimWappat nice weather down here in the South of England.

in reply to TimWappat — 3:35pm Jan 14 2016 —

@LinxTablet only MS Account on Linx 1010 is corrupted (MS Account lost final letter); can it be hard reset somehow? Or Recovery Console?

7:59pm Jan 9 2016 —

@steveendow @TimWappat I did that when recording my neice sīnging at school.

in reply to steveendow — 8:42pm Jan 8 2016 —

@TimWappat I can already take cōlour photos.

in reply to TimWappat — 7:39pm Jan 8 2016 —

@TimWappat There are a number of areas where extra UDFs would be good to have.

in reply to TimWappat — 5:07pm Jan 8 2016 —

MS Connect Suggestion: Add Bar Code Field to Item Maintenance: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

2:08pm Jan 8 2016 —

Copy Fiscal Calendar To All Companies: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

1:19pm Jan 8 2016 —

@TimWappat I’m at home in Northumberland; 13 miles south of the Scottish border.

in reply to TimWappat — 12:21pm Jan 8 2016 —

Winter is not coming: It’s here.

12:18pm Jan 8 2016 —

They finally found the man with the flashlight trying to find the fuse box: #blackhole #astronomy @thebigbangshow

9:28pm Jan 6 2016 —

Copy Fiscal Calendar To A New Company #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

1:50pm Jan 6 2016 —

@steveendow Very interesting. I’d seen the values in that table without realising they were hex ones.

in reply to steveendow — 11:22am Jan 5 2016 —

That was good. The power came back on before I had to have boiled potatoes and BBQ baked beans for tea.

8:02pm Jan 4 2016 —