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@TimWappat once I’m home I’ll have to have a watch

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RT @TimWappat: A reminder about custom links in Dynamics GP…

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@TimWappat Cheers 🙂

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@TimWappat Yes.

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I have a new job so wonder if I need to rebrand my site: azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Practice Manager #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM

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@vivaldibrowser I look forward to it 🙂

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View To Return Sales Orders (Work Status) Requiring An Assembly #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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In my quest for a new #browser to replace @opera, I have discovered @vivaldibrowser. It needs to get out of beta soon.

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@kuntzconsulting @DynProOrg Start of April is bad time in UK as majority of companies have their year end at the end of March.

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@kuntzconsulting @DynProOrg If they were here now I could probably squeeze it in, but April looks a tad busy.

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@kuntzconsulting @DynProOrg Well done by the way 🙂

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@kuntzconsulting @DynProOrg Their certs aren’t available in the UK yet.

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SQL Script To Bulk Alter Users With Logins: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

12:29pm Feb 9 2016 —

Just had 30 minutes playing whack-a-mole with @eOneSolutions #eXtender window groups which should auto-open; fix one, another breaks.

2:09pm Feb 5 2016 —

@kuntzconsulting I’m due a busy year this year, so need to get cracking.

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@kuntzconsulting I have a few clients without SLB and have had to use SLD. I usually just write a SQL view and connect SLD to that.

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Find All Custom SQL Objects In Database: #SQLSERVER #MSDYNCOMM

1:53pm Feb 3 2016 —

@kuntzconsulting I tend to have a quiet year (100ish) for posts followed by a busy one (230ish).

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@kuntzconsulting yes, blogs not updated for quite a long time.

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