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A number of the #MSDYNGP blogs I link to ( are out of date. Shrinking #MSDYNCOMM or new bloggers I don’t follow?

11:27am Feb 3 2016 —

MS Connect Suggestion: Add Workflow To Receivings Transaction Entry and Enter/Match Invoice: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM

6:59pm Feb 2 2016 —

@TimWappat we need to organise a get together

in reply to TimWappat — 6:07pm Feb 2 2016 —

@GPUG @TimWappat would be good. We need to start building more of a GP community in the UK

in reply to GPUG — 6:07pm Feb 2 2016 —

@TimWappat @steveendow @GPUG such things are possible, but unfortunately not tonight.

in reply to TimWappat — 6:04pm Feb 2 2016 —

@steveendow @TimWappat @GPUG you’re missing out. Nothing better than a real English county pub. Roaring fire, good food and warm, flat beer.

in reply to steveendow — 5:52pm Feb 2 2016 —

@TimWappat @GPUG such things are possible.

in reply to TimWappat — 5:39pm Feb 2 2016 —

@kuntzconsulting @GPUG Both look good, but also look unfortunately close together, I might have to choose one. #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM

2:51pm Feb 2 2016 —

@kuntzconsulting That’s the one I was trying to remember the other day.

in reply to kuntzconsulting — 2:50pm Feb 2 2016 —

@GPUG Looks interesting. I’ve been meaning for a while to get more involved in #GPUG.

in reply to GPUG — 2:50pm Feb 2 2016 —

Looks like I’ll be getting approval to attend a/some conference(s) on #MSDYNGP. what’s the best one to do first? #MSDYNCOMM

2:43pm Feb 1 2016 —