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@jenkuntzGP I drive a diesel which doesn’t recover from flooding so I take no chances. Couple roads here flood to depth unknown so don’t try

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@Barton1792 Yeah, but you need to fix your email address.

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@steveendow Nothing compared to when you realise someone was on the email recipient list, when you didn’t know they were.

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@TimWappat Isn’t the drop because they’ re trying to bring some rigour back to the education system?

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@jenkuntzGP Bloody Hell. I wouldn’t have even tried to drive through that.

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@tduncan_msdyngp It is an update, so a lot of the old recipes are there, although quite a few rewritten. Plus new recipes added.

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@Barton1792 your published email for contacting about tour bookings doesn’t work.

8:06pm Aug 23 2016 —

@steveendow If it takes more than a handful of seconds to run, it needs to be redesigned or removed.

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For reference, both the pies and icecream were delicious. I have some blackcurrants left, so I’ll make blackcurrant icecream tomorrow.

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Neighbours let me pick blackcurrants. I now have apple&blackcurrant pies and homemade vanilla icecream for dessert.

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3:50pm Aug 18 2016 —

@GetInterfaced Yeah, really pleased with the progress @mpolino and I made.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Cookbook Now Available In August: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

6:57pm Aug 17 2016 —

@GetInterfaced @GoFastpath don’t follow :p

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@GetInterfaced @GoFastpath he doesn’t deserve one.

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@TimWappat yes, we have a number who upgrade fairly quickly. We’re not partner of record for this one; US parent has licence with US partner

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I’ve gotten so used to #MSDYNGP 2013 and later that 2010 looks really weird because of the different colours; much more blue. #MSDYNCOMM

1:25pm Aug 12 2016 —

@VictoriaYudin That’s one of the best Johnny Walkers. Can I visit your Dad?

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@VictoriaYudin Getting into bourbon and looking forward to visiting where they’re made. Visited 63 Scotch whisky distilleries. +2 in England

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@VictoriaYudin I tend to be a Scotch drinker, although been trying more bourbon before my visit in September. Got 30 distilleries to visit.

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