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Visit to @indepstaveco the cooperage a lot of the barrels come from.

1:23pm Sep 30 2016 —

Best #DistilleryTour ever at @NewRiff on #craft @kybourbontrail. Informative & interesting tour of small distillery.

3:03am Sep 30 2016 —

2nd tour was off #BourbonTrail at @2ndSightSpirits. Worth a visit esp. if going to nearby @NewRiff or @oldpogbrbn.

3:00am Sep 30 2016 —

First #DistilleryTour today was @oldpogbrbn on #craft @kybourbontrail. #Bourbon aged 9 yrs; best I’ve ever had.

2:55am Sep 30 2016 —

@chuito7 Self signed, Domain issued or Cert Authority issued are all valid. Is it not showing for selection on the session central/IIS srvr?

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On @kybourbontrail I have 1 #DistilleryTour left and on #Craft tour 5. 2.5 days to go.

11:35pm Sep 28 2016 —

@BelindaTheGPcsi Was still warm in mid 20sC (77+F), but pissed down. Jacket was nicely waterproof.

in reply to BelindaTheGPcsi — 11:29pm Sep 28 2016 —

@WoodfordReserve was 2nd distillery after @TownBranch_KY who use #Scottish #PotStills and #SpiritSafe. Amazing I did them both today.

11:24pm Sep 28 2016 —

#Weather turned very #English; @BelindaTheGPcsi thanks for ponting out #MSDYNGP jackets at #reIMAGINE; very useful

11:03pm Sep 28 2016 —

@WoodfordReserve was 3rd. Good, but frustrating #DistilleryTour as had to keep stopping for tour before to move on.

11:02pm Sep 28 2016 —

2nd #DistilleryTour today on craft @kybourbontrail was #BarrelHouse. Good tour by Chad who does everything from janitor to distiller.

11:00pm Sep 28 2016 —

In #Lexington, #Kentucky, it’s 21C and raining. According to weather app, it’s about same temperature back home in #England and not raining.

3:58pm Sep 28 2016 —

@kybourbontrail at @TownBranch_KY where they have #Scottish pot stills+spirit safe. Make a #Scotch style #singlemalt

3:30pm Sep 28 2016 —

@jenkuntzGP Thanks.

in reply to jenkuntzGP — 11:55am Sep 28 2016 —

Microsoft Dynamics GP Core Installation and Configuration Credential Acquired: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM @DynamicsPro

11:54am Sep 28 2016 —

Microsoft Dynamics GP Core Financials Setup & Functionality Credential Acquired: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM @DynamicsPro

11:46am Sep 28 2016 —

Half hour to kill in #BowlingGreen before #DistilleryTour at @corsairartisan on craft @kybourbontrail. Free WiFi too

8:35pm Sep 27 2016 —

Something completely different. Visit to National #Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

6:35pm Sep 27 2016 —

6:34pm Sep 27 2016 —

RT @BelindaTheGPcsi: Hanging with @azurecurve aka Ian Grieve last week at #reIMAGINE2016 #MSDYNGP – Happy he came across the pond! @Njevity…

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