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1792 Estate #DistilleryTour at @Barton1792 coming up. This is a motorised tour of the distillery and estate.

3:15pm Sep 26 2016 —

@4RosesBourbon Warehouse and bottling plant tour on @kybourbontrail

1:55pm Sep 26 2016 —

Been wondering why everything is taking longer to charge; US uses much < voltage than UK. How do you guys cope with such slow charge times?

12:20am Sep 26 2016 —

@kybourbontrail Yeah, but the Mint Julep Cup will sit beside my Diageo @12distilleries quiach on the dresser, whereas the T-Shirt will not.

in reply to kybourbontrail — 12:15am Sep 26 2016 —

@kybourbontrail why the mismatch in ending gifts of the normal and Craft trails? T-Shirt vs. Engraved Mint Julep Cup?

11:26pm Sep 25 2016 —

@kybourbontrail No, I’ve done 10 so 18 to go.

in reply to azurecurve — 10:12pm Sep 25 2016 —

3 days into vacation and 9 visits done; 5.5 days and 19 visits to go. @kybourbontrail #DistilleryTour

10:12pm Sep 25 2016 —

Noticeable that speed limits in #Kentucky are more honour’d in the breach than the observance.

9:46pm Sep 25 2016 —

9:33pm Sep 25 2016 —

@hartfieldandco This was a posting for last night that apparently didn’t post.

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Fourth and final #DistilleryTour was @hartfieldandco. Caught them in middle of move to new premises. Pic is current

9:31pm Sep 25 2016 —

Back on the @kybourbontrail and tour of Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center. Not a distillery tour, a rickhouse tour

9:30pm Sep 25 2016 —

@copperandkings very good tour from Ian. Definitely worth coming back into Louisville for. Very nice Brandies too.

in reply to azurecurve — 3:09pm Sep 25 2016 —

And now for something a little different; an American #Brandy #DistilleryTour @CopperAndKings

1:36pm Sep 25 2016 —

@CopperAndKings Just booked for 1000 this morning.

in reply to CopperAndKings — 11:59am Sep 25 2016 —

For reference, I’m trying to do both @KYBourbonTrail and #KYCraftBourbonTrail in 8.5 days. #Bourbon #Kentucky

12:42am Sep 25 2016 —

Third #DistilleryTour on @kybourbontrail today was @4RosesBourbon. Good tour and good #bourbon which I’d not had.

12:38am Sep 25 2016 —

#Kentucky is really hot (88F) and it appears I’m not drinking enough water. Proven when I down 500ml bottle in one and look for next one.

12:30am Sep 25 2016 —

4:35pm Sep 24 2016 —

First #DistilleryTour of today was at 1000 at #KentuckyArtisan. Very good tour. Was able to ask q of the Distiller.

4:34pm Sep 24 2016 —