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@jenkuntzGP The homemade apple and blackberry pie defrosted and heated up well on top of woodburner too; went nicel…

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@jenkuntzGP @WinthropDC I read a potato wrapped in tin foil and in ash of firebox were good. Tried it & could find…

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@WinthropDC @jenkuntzGP Most certainly wasn’t.

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@jenkuntzGP Yes, it can be done. Takes a while, but works just like putting it in the oven. Better than last experiment.

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Back early from clients, so Friday night is experiment night. Can I bake a potato on the wood burning stove?

5:55pm Oct 28 2016 —

There’s something wrong with the @PerfectImage #MSDYNCRM team; it’s Friday, I have a spare choc covered ring doughnut and no-one wants it!

10:26am Oct 28 2016 —

@DynProOrg If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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I still refer to your site and have directed a number of colleagues and clients to it too.

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Workflow 2.0 Tasks Not Escalating: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

5:16pm Oct 18 2016 —

I gave it an hour or two drinking beer and whisky before having another go watching it. It did not get any better.

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@TimWappat @mpolino Wish I could have been there to meet him in person.

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RT @TimWappat: Hey @azurecurve@mpolino passes on his regards

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So, I read reviews and reviews of reviews and tried viewing w/out prejudging. Terrible #movie. Can’t name it, as contrary opinion forbidden.

9:41pm Oct 15 2016 —

@DynProOrg I’m not listed as credentialed 🙁

8:36pm Oct 7 2016 —

I’m going to count doing #Distillery #Tours as a hobby. Overall I’ve visited 91; 50 of them were this year (average one every 6 days).

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@veeyeskay thanks 😉

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My MVP Renewed for 2016 And @JenKuntzGP Awarded: #MVPAward #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

6:23pm Oct 3 2016 —

Thought I’d be able to sleep on plane, but couldn’t. Been awake for 27 hours and another 4 till I’m home. Last hour is me driving :/

11:41am Oct 2 2016 —

Landed at Heathrow early so have 3.5 hour layover for connection to Newcastle.

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