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“Service ‘GP OData Service (GPODataService) failed to start.”: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

10:24am May 16 2017 —

@VictoriaYudin @steveendow I’m fairly new to it and still have a lot of scripts with cursors. I’ll need to see whic…

in reply to VictoriaYudin — 6:38pm May 15 2017 —

@steveendow @TimWappat Pleased you approve 🙂

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MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Workflow Steps to be Copied: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

5:40pm May 15 2017 —

SQL Script To Return Functional Currencies For All Companies Without a Cursor: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

3:54pm May 10 2017 —

@Scotland_Tour_ @GlenGrantUK @anCnoc_whisky Yeah, our tour of @GlenGrantUK wasn’t that good for similar reason.

in reply to Scotland_Tour_ — 9:39am May 9 2017 —

The reliance of @VirginMoney on onetime codes sent to your mobile means I’ll pay off card and get rid. Doesn’t work when you have no signal

10:08pm May 8 2017 —

@Scotland_Tour_ @GlenGrantUK @anCnoc_whisky No. Did complimentary tour in 2012 and not impressed. Did Explorer Tour…

in reply to Scotland_Tour_ — 8:52pm May 8 2017 —

@Scotland_Tour_ @GlenGrantUK @anCnoc_whisky Was very in depth, well presented and we got to see parts of process an…

in reply to Scotland_Tour_ — 8:34pm May 8 2017 —

The most dangerous phrase:

Except when you’re talking about #Scotch #Whisky and then it’s a virtue.

7:24pm May 8 2017 —

We need to go back to #Islay in a couple or so years to see what progress @ardnahoe #distillery make. We drove past…

7:21pm May 8 2017 —

I’m home now from my holidays and back at work. I’m aiming to resume posting about #MSDYNGP tomorrow. #MSDYNCOMM

7:07pm May 8 2017 —

We wrapped up #distillery tours on Sunday with @TheGlenlivet and #RoyalLochnagar of the @12distilleries.

7:06pm May 8 2017 —

Saturday was #distillery tours of @glenglassaugh, @Strathisla_TG, #Cardhu and #Cragganmore of the @12distilleries. @Strathisla_TG was best.

7:06pm May 8 2017 —

On Friday we did #distillery tours of @GlenGrantUK and @anCnoc_whisky, the latter of which is the best tour I’ve had in 125 of them.

7:04pm May 8 2017 —

Ran out of data which is why my tweets ended. We did @TheGlenmorangie, @Benromach and @GlenMorayDist (which had the best tour of the three)

7:00pm May 8 2017 —

Once done on #Orkney, we’re heading to Speyside; @TheGlenmorangie #distillery booked en route to @GlenMorayDist on the 5th.

2:51pm May 2 2017 —

On #Orkney for two days; visits booked on Wednesday at @HighlandPark #distillery and @ScapaDistillery; other sights to see tomorrow.

8:18pm May 1 2017 —

For @wolfburn_whisky being so young (#distillery opened in 2013), the #Scotch #whisky is already *really* good!

4:57pm May 1 2017 —

Did the 1400 #distillery tour at @OldPulteneyMalt and headed up to @wolfburn_whisky for the Manager’s Tour. Then over to Orkney.

3:03pm May 1 2017 —