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#Dresden #Frauenkirche destroyed in #SecondWorldWar and rebuilt after #reunification. Dark stones are from original…

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#SchlossLauenstein; #German castles aren’t like typical English ones; they’re more like fortified manor houses.

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The hilltop fortress #FestungKönigstein; you can cheat and get land train and escalator up, but I walked it all. Se…

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Finishing the day with a long hike I visited #NeurathenCastle and #BasteiBridge. Beautiful scenery all around.

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Drove down to #Saxony and took a look at the Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge in Kromlauer Park near Gablenz.

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And #CheckpointCharlie and surrounding museums. Parking was remarkably easy at this one despite location.

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Dotting around a little, I visited the #BerlinWall and a couple of the remaining watchtowers.

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A little more up the road is the #BrandenburgGate

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Second, and just up the road, was the #SovietWarMemorial

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I flew into #Berlin and visited a few places before moving onto #Saxony. First place I visited was the…

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I was on #holiday in #Germany a few weeks ago. For ease of access to them, I’m going to post one photo of each of the places I visited.

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@ThreeUK Talking about network issues, the PAC code they said they’d send me in a few of minutes still has not arrived.

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Had to ring to get PAC code from @ThreeUK and only now they’re willing look into network issues and also offer me a better deal. Too late.

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@Windows Suggestion: Allow choice of how many/which monitors #RDP uses: #Windows #FeedbackHub

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@dgpblogster @LinkedIn My only interest in support roles is hiring the right person when I have an opening in my support team. 🙂

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