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@TimWappat I’ll ave to see if I can pick some up from @Tesco Express tomorrow and have a go. Not criticising as I d…

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@TimWappat That’s one thing I’ve not tried. My last few attempts was using veg oil in the tray.

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@TimWappat This is one thing I could do with tips on. I can cook or bake pretty much anything else, but not yorkies.

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Access #Windows Settings App Using ms-settings URIs:

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@TimWappat Looks a very low ratio.

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@TimWappat @SalesPad I am at the minute. Trying not to be.

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@TimWappat 45 to 1. Death beckons.

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@TimWappat @SalesPad We have two microwaves between 90 people.
I don’t do lunch.

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@steveendow Regression testing is always more effort than initially expected.

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@TimWappat @SalesPad Just think of less anger at lunchtime due to reduction of queue times.

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@PamMisialek @steveendow @TimWappat @ShawnMDorward @Briware_Rod @MicrosoftC Yeah, but no-one lever knows because we’re ORGANANISED.

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@Briware_Rod @TimWappat @steveendow @ShawnMDorward @MicrosoftC I might have an undeserved deputation when it comes…

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@TimWappat @steveendow @ShawnMDorward @Briware_Rod @MicrosoftC Yeah, but are you interesred?

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@ShawnMDorward @TimWappat @Briware_Rod @MicrosoftC As MVP’s we have a duty to keep people interested in #MSDYNP. 😉

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@TimWappat @Briware_Rod @MicrosoftC I’m currently written up until June. May is XXX month (to be announced).

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@Briware_Rod There is actually a fair bit more than @Microsoftc over in their live to test scripts. I’ve posted a n…

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RT @WinthropDC: Make sure you don’t miss this GP Power Tools Webinar just for Partners. Learn how to simplify yours &your clients’ worlds.…

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Update Taxes In Fabrikam Sample Company to Add Current UK VAT Rates: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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SQL Script to Alter Server and Database Views After Copying Live To Test: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

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