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Only @DynAcctNet, @erpsoftwareblog and @dynamicsworld have more posts on the #MSDYNCOMM #MSDYNGP site than me now.

7:38pm Nov 14 2017 —

Missing Security Roes In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

7:32pm Nov 14 2017 —

MDGP 2018 RTM Feature of the Day: Workflow Additional Fields: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

3:01pm Nov 14 2017 —

SQL Function To Return Last Workflow Comment: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

2:57pm Nov 14 2017 —

MS Dynamics #GP2018 RTM Feature of the Day: New Workflows: #]MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

5:06pm Nov 13 2017 —

SQL View to Return Sales By Customer By Fiscal Year: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

12:35pm Nov 13 2017 —

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow File and Folder Shortcuts to be Attached in DocAttach:

10:48am Nov 11 2017 —

Microsoft Dynamics #GP2018 RTM Feature of the Day: Document Attachment Unplugged: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

10:06am Nov 11 2017 —

@AmazonHelp And done, thanks.

in reply to AmazonHelp — 6:42pm Nov 10 2017 —

@AmazonHelp Amazon Shipping.

in reply to AmazonHelp — 6:31pm Nov 10 2017 —

@TimWappat Ok, entirely my fault; there is a bug in the script. I’ve removed the FORMAT from both parts of the script.

in reply to TimWappat — 6:28pm Nov 10 2017 —

RT @ArdgowanWhisky: WIN! How would you like to win a set of 6 laser etched #ArdgowanDistillery @GlencairnStudio nosing glasses? You know wh…

6:18pm Nov 10 2017 —

RT @steveendow: I have released a new version of my FREE Dynamics GP data export and SFTP file transfer application:…

6:14pm Nov 10 2017 —

@TimWappat Weird. @SQLServer 2012 introduced date formatting to the FORMAT command; I did write and deploy this aga…

in reply to TimWappat — 6:12pm Nov 10 2017 —

@AmazonUK how to request a delivery happen anytime next week instead of tomorrow? Office building will be all locked up tomorrow.

6:10pm Nov 10 2017 —

@TimWappat What version of SQL do you have?

in reply to TimWappat — 3:58pm Nov 10 2017 —

SQL View to Return Purchases By Vendor By Fiscal Year: #MSDYNGP #’MSDYNERP #’MSDYNCOMM

11:44am Nov 10 2017 —

MDGP 2018 RTM Feature of the Day: DocAttach Security Setup: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

2:42pm Nov 9 2017 —

SQL Script To Verify Sales Invoice Extended Cost Against Subtotal: #MSDYNGP #MSDYNERP #MSDYNCOMM

2:23pm Nov 9 2017 —

Open position at @PerfectImage for an experienced Dynamics 365 Consultant.

12:19pm Nov 9 2017 —