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in reply to TimWappat — 6:05pm Sep 7 2018 —

Two and a half weeks ago, I made two batches of #homebrew. The #NewcastleBrownAle was good, but somewhat harsh; I u…

6:01pm Feb 1 2018 —

Got home today and I have 2 batches of #homebrew ready. A dark red bitter and a well hopped dark ale. Going to try the latter first.

4:41pm Jan 25 2017 —

I’ve just found some of the first batch #homebrew I made in Feb 2014. Hoppy copper bitter. I’m about to find out if it’s still good to drink

6:06pm Jan 21 2017 —

Bottled the first half of my #homebrew: 41 bottles of #Geordie Winter Warmer. In two weeks, #beer.

7:20pm Jan 6 2017 —

Task 1 of 5 completed this long weekend: two batches of #homebrew now in fermentation barrels. One each of amber and dark bitter.

10:45am Dec 31 2016 —