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RT @dgpblogster: Misinformation all around, but I believe #MVP @markbrummel can reflect on our articles and recognize there’s no substance…

6:58am Mar 27 2018 —

@TimWappat I’ve already had one #MVP try to kill me, so lets have the rest of the #MSDYNCOMM work to a better standard 🙂

in reply to TimWappat — 5:13pm Oct 24 2017 —

RT @GP_Beat: @jenkuntzGP @azurecurve congratulations to the first & renewal of the #MVP award!! @CdnMVP @MVPAward

6:47pm Oct 1 2016 —

Thought I’d get notification on Monday, but I’ve just received email from @MVPAward that I have been renewed for 2016 @Microsoft #MVP

2:09pm Oct 1 2016 —

Well, I’ve gotten away with it for one more year: @MVPAward renewed for 2015 🙂 #MVP #MSDYNGP #MSDYNCOMM #MSDYNERP

1:58pm Oct 1 2015 —

Hey @GP_Beat, congratulations on the #MVP Award.

5:43pm Apr 1 2015 —

RT @perfectimage: New #MSDYNGP 2015 features being presented by Ian Grieve @azurecurve #MVP

11:05am Dec 9 2014 —

RT @misamsactiveh: @azurecurve has just had his first curry #curryvirgin #mvp

9:13pm Nov 19 2013 —

@4mcadam @GP_Beat @MSFTDynamics @perfectimage Two #MSDYNGP #MVP in Europe. Both called Ian; what odds?

in reply to 4mcadam — 2:54am Oct 12 2013 —

@GP_Beat @MSFTDynamics Yes, that’s Ian Stewart. I can tell; I have less hair and I’m #MVP of @perfectimage.

in reply to GP_Beat — 2:44am Oct 12 2013 —